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Low Energy Lolita - Tips for Bad Mental Health Days

Hi all...

Long time no see. It's been a few months again and a bit up and down at that. Without going too deep into things, I have been dealing with some mental health issues for a while but particularly in the last four or five months. This has affected my ability to do everyday things including, of course, wearing lolita fashion. 

I reduced the amount of meets so that I had time enough for self care. As a result, the days when I went to meet ups were very important to me. There were some times when I would be having a bad mental health day but a lolita meet so I would need to wear low maintenance looks for those occasions. I wanted to share with you the items I like to use on those days.

Just a disclaimer, I understand that it is not always possible to wear lolita and go to meets when you are experiencing depression. Depression affects each person differently so you will need to make your own judgement on whether you have enough energy to wear lolita or go to meets. 

With that said, here are the items that I gravitate towards when I'm having a tough day. Most of these items are about getting a decent enough look whilst minimising effort and discomfort. 

Elasticated Onepiece
A one-piece is exactly that: a full outfit with one piece. Less pieces, less time, less effort; all things I consider when I don't have a lot of energy and don't feel good. It's gotta be stretchy too. Whether it's shirred or with an elasticated waist, I love an OP that gives you room to breathe. I find the more restrictive my outfit is, the more anxious I feel so I stay away from corsets or any tight fitting clothing. 

Elasticated one pieces
In my wardrobe (from the left)
Abandoned Night Chiffon OP by Baroque
Mystic Chiffon OP by Alice and the Pirates
Girly Note OP by Metamorphose Temps de Fille

Other Ideas (from the left)
Angel Wing Cutsew OP by Alice and the Pirates
Charming Dot by Angelic Pretty
Beloved Bloom Lace Puff Sleeve dress by Metamorphose Temps de Fille

The sack dress, fully-shirred bust OP or fully-shirred back OP would all be options for comfort and cuteness. 

Overknee Printed Tights/Socks
Printed tights add interest to your outfit. When I'm in a low mood, I tend to want to show even less skin than usual. Cotton overknee socks are often too hot in the Australian weather and I feel like they make my legs look wide so I prefer tights or socks in a stretchy fabric which cover skin, are cooler and often look better on my legs. 

My Wardrobe (from the left)
Kingdom Tights by Beth
Funeral Procession of Rose socks by Alice and the Pirates

Other Options (from left)
Elizabeth tights by Innocent World
Cream Cookie Parade by Angelic Pretty
Milky Pony Carnival by Angelic Pretty

Look for tights with a pattern down the middle for a leg slimming effect. 

Just like an elasticated one-piece, wearing a comfy cardigan or cape is a way to hide arms or d├ęcolletage without the discomfort of a blouse. While a blouse can feel constricting and starchy, a cardigan or cape is stretchy and soft. There's also nothing better than a knit or fluffy cape to help make me feel cosy and comforted on a bad day. 

My wardrobe (from left)
Bunny Ear Fur Cape by Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Cardigan with Fur by Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Other Options (from left) 
Rose and Little Bird Hood Cape by Innocent World
Heart Cardigan by Innocent World
Arab Knitted Short Cape by Alice and the Pirates

Soft, fuzzy and comfy is the aim with capes and cardigans. 

Make Up 
Generally, putting on makeup to match my lolita look is one of my favourite parts of lolita but when I don't have a lot of energy, I don't want to spend time on doing intricate makeup so I find the following items really useful. 

A medium brown eyeshadow and a glittery white eyeshadow 
Brown is a fairly neutral colour with many shades to suit all skin tones and dress colours. It's a colour that you can brush over your lid for a light shade or build up to create depth. Adding the white shadow near the tear duct in the inner corner of your eye creates depth and opens your eyes. This means you don't need to spend time choosing colours and creating looks. 

Pen tip Eyeliner and mascara 
Pen-tip eyeliner with mascara adds drama without the mess of false eyelashes. For me, false eyelashes are annoying to apply on the best of days, so on a day where I lack motivation and energy, having an eyeliner that draws smoothly is essential. This gives the illusion of dramatic eyes and with mascara it's often enough for my coordinate. Your face may not look "beat to the gods" but it's dramatic enough to carry the lolita look. 

Blush and Highlighter
Use a blush pallet with high lights and blush in one compact. Usually I combine two or three different colours from a couple of different pallets on my cheek, I will do some contouring around my face, put blush on my cheek and add a tiny bit of highlight. On a rough day I can use one pallet and a few strokes to minimise fuss and get colour and dimension on my face. 

Medium coverage lipgloss 
Rather than a creamy lipstick or a clear lipgloss, I would chose a lip gloss (in pink, of course) with medium coverage (and glitter, lots of glitter) for a quick but finished look. The reason why I don't chose a lipstick is it makes me look more mature and I prefer the glassy, less defined look of a lipgloss. 

Lip Stain
I also use lip stains because it leaves a soft impression and stays on your lips so you don't need to reapply often. 

Here are some looks I put together on some of the days I wasn't feeling well. They required minimal effort and were comfortable enough to wear for the duration of the meet. 

A comfortable outfit for an afternoon Murder Mystery Meet

Cats Window Velveteen OP with Putumayo 
Cotton Frill JSK by Victorian Maiden
Offbrand knit with chiffon sleeves
Offbrand tights and shoes
Detachable Shoe bows by Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Necklace by Innocent World

Christmas in July!

Mystic Chiffon OP Funeral Procession of Rose tights by Alice and the Pirates  
Cardigan with Fur, Logo Beret, head bow by Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Off brand shoes 

Relaxed and cosy for a Sailor Moon marathon. 

Girly Note OP by Metamorphose Temps de Fille 
Bunny Ears Fur Cape and Mini Usuakumya pochette by Baby the Stars Shine Bright

There are my tips for when you're not feeling well or don't have a lot of energy. What are your tips when you're having a tough time? I'd love to know. 

Hoping you are able to take the time you need to take care of yourself. Wishing all of you health and happiness. 

Until next time...


  1. I'm sorry to hear you haven't been having a good time of it. But this is a really good post - lolita can be a tough hobby to enjoy when you're not feeling up for much so this is a really great thing to share :)

    1. Thanks Roli
      I thought it would be a nice post to come back with. Lolita can seem super high maintenance so I think this information can be a relief to a lot of people.

  2. Hope you're feeling better soon.
    Just remember that when you're down there's only one way to go next - up.

    Thanks for the ideas, too. Capes have become one of my favourite items - great for windy days as they keep my hair from blowing in my face and in my ice cream (don't feel like such a hot mess anymore haha).

    btw, you look super adorbs <3
    See ya.

    1. Thanks for the kind words.

      Wind in face and ice cream is the two worst things about wind tbh. Capes are amazing. I definitely need more. I love the Aran Knit I mentioned on this blog and wouldn't mind getting my hands on one of them.

      Thanks again. Take care.


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