Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Beautiful Things I'll Never Own - (Pipe) Dream Dresses as of September 2015

After writing about why I sold my dream dresses two weeks ago (I didn't post last week because my sister was in town) I thought it would be nice to write about the lolita fashion items I just can't get enough of but for one reason or another I don't think I'll ever get to own.

Fleur Antionette one-piece by Mary Magdalene 

First up, my very first and longest love affair, Fleur Annoinette. I first came across this dress when it was re-released in 2012 but not knowing much about the fashion at the time and not having any clue about how to buy from Mary Magdalene's website I didn't do anything about it. 

Why I like it
I really like the design of this dress from the Georgian design to the beautiful rose print.  In my mind, this is the epitome of a spring/summer dress of a courtly maiden. It's feminine but it has a hint of frivolity in it. My favourite colour-way is the green - not only because of the rarity of such a bright mint in Lolita fashion but because I wore a similar colour for my high school ball, so it's a little nostalgic for me.

Why I wouldn't buy it
I would love to own this dress but in reality, I don't think I would ever take it out of the cupboard; partly due to its sentimental value and because there wouldn't be a nice enough event close-by to wear it to. I've also seen the beige version of this dress for sale for US$400...ouch.

Beautiful Glassy Saint Mary - Jeanne JSK by Alice and the Pirates

I was already into lolita fashion when this was released but I didn't buy this dress because I wasn't crazy about it at first but it has really grown on me ever since. 

Why I like it
I love every detail of this dress from the intricately detailed stained glass art, the background pattern bringing a little brightness to the gothic style of the dress, the defined waist, which is my preferred style of dress and the gorgeous pearl chain topping the bust. I also own the Mary Ribbon Blouse!

Why I wouldn't buy it
I got so caught up in owning a dress with a stained glass window print that I bought the design that Korean-indie brand Baroque brought out called "Abandoned Night", which I absolutely adore. I think I can be satisfied with that and besides I recently saw the black version on Lace Market for US $800. No matter how much I love it, I could not put that much money down for a dress besides my wedding dress.

Kumya Kumya's Sweet Chocolate high-waist JSK by Baby the Stars Shine Bright

After seeing a friend wear the brown x pink version and getting my own kumya kumya in chocolate x gold I started take a liking to this dress. Then I made an outfit for a past post "Coordinating using three colours" and my fate was sealed. 

Why I like it
I particularly love the art of the print: the kumya kumya's are drawn so beautifully. I also love the idea that I have a "real" version of something in the print; my kumya kumya, that is. My favourite colour is the bitter chocolate x mint because I feel I would be able to coordinate it in a more mature fashion.

Why I wouldn't buy it
For all intents and purposes I have moved on from super sweet designs, however, this is print is still within my reach, although still a little expensive at about US$300. Even though I've seen it recently, I may have to pass it up on account that the Australian dollar is so weak at the moment.

The END of immortal EDEN skirt by Alice and the Pirates 

Like the Kumya Kumya Chan print above, I saw a friend wearing this and I really liked it.

Why I like it
The moment I saw this I thought Sailor Moon. The floating feathers in the design remind me a lot of Eternal Sailor Moon's feather-filled attacks and transformations. I also love the long length of the skirt and the design of the waist.

Why I wouldn't buy it
Well, actually I would buy it but I've hardly ever seen it sold. If you do see it, drop me a line!

So, how about you? What are the prints you love but probably won't be able to own? Let me know!

Until next time...


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier! I am checking out your site now! The MM dress is stunning, a fitting dream dress indeed. :) I will add you to my blog sisters list (on my sidebar) as you have added me! Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

    1. You too. Thanks for adding me to the side bar. It's nice to see all the photos and read about people's events and things. Even better when it's a little closer to home. :)


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