Monday, 12 October 2015

Planning Outfits for Perth - Coordinates for Spring

Spring Outfits for the City

This week I'm travelling to the city for the first time in three months. Even when I returned from overseas I only spent a few days in Perth and didn't have the chance to go out in Lolita with friends. This time I've organised to see friends twice over my week trip so I put together some outfits in preparation. 

On the weekend, I put together some spring outfits and did up some coordinate ideas for my new purchases. I wanted to focus on coordinating seasonally appropriate outfits. It's spring in Australia (it's already quite hot though) so I chose light colours and breathable fabrics. 

Collection Chocolatier Douce by Baby the Stars Shine Bright 

This outfit is for a meet to eat chocolate and churros. I had to go with the Collection Chocolatier Douce for this outing.

I went with a white blouse and white purse to bring a fresh spring feeling to this jumper skirt. I really wanted to add in the brooch from this same series that I have so I've placed it on the collar. I also added a few cherry themed charms to my bag to keep the bag looking too plain. I'm still not sure if I'll keep them in as the look a little cheap clustered together on the bag. The blue bow is off my beret and I would clip it on the side of my head (hopefully it will stay). I would have preferred to use white shoes but my pair are still in Japan so I went with brown as my second choice. 

Wonder Party by Angelic Pretty 

I chose the fun Wonder Party print in brown for a meeting with a few close friends for dessert and board games.

Rather than go with a full ivory/brown coordinate, which would tend towards Autumn, I added a chiffon blouse in mint to add some cool tones and bring this coordinate towards spring. I believe that keeping most of the outfit light in colour is another key to keeping this brown and gold skirt working in a spring coordinate so I've added off-white see through socks and off-white wrist cuffs. I would also like to add a round lacy headdress or a bow in white with roses on it to keep the entire look bright from head to toe. The jewellery is the teacup ring and teapot necklace from Baby and it just goes beautifully with the theme of the skirt. 

A few bonus pictures now of some basic coordinates I made using the new pieces in my wardrobe. As I get more pieces within my navy, brown and ivory colour-scheme I can create more coordinates using the same pieces. It's certainly a very exciting journey. 

Until next time...


  1. I really love your Wonder Party outfit, mint and brown is such an awesome colour combo :)

    1. I would love to match the mint blouse with Kuma Kumya's sweetie chocolate in bitter chocolate and mint. It just so happened that there were mint accessories on Wonder Party too :)
      I totally forgot to take pictures though. Orz


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