Sunday, 25 October 2015

Life's All Fun and Games...and Chocolate

Outing to San Churro in October

Hi all 

Did I just return from a holiday in Perth? I was so busy that I'm almost more exhausted than when I left but I really enjoyed seeing many of my beautiful friends and finally getting the chance to wear lolita fashion outside for the first time since I returned from my working holiday four months ago. 

I went to San Churros on Friday, which is a chocolatier franchise that makes -gasp- Churros and thick Spanish-style hot chocolate. I was determined to wear the Collection Chocolatier Douce, praline jumper-skirt to an actual chocolatier. There was great excitement too, when I found a chocolate in the store that matched one on my jumper-skirt.

I ordered a couple of gorgeous chocolates: one milk, one hazelnut praline, I followed it up with an "Azteca" Spanish hot chocolate flavoured with chilli and cinnamon. I should have ordered tea instead. My friends got a variety of delicious looking foods and we all left with a higher blood sugar than when we arrived.

On the journey from the cafe, we stopped in the plaza on the corner to take outfit shots. 

We then visited the close-by game centre. I make no excuses for enjoying game centres as an adult even though I am not at all skilled with computer games or air hockey. We also fiddled around in the photo booths and took a bunch of photos together.

Thank you every one for a great day. I really hope we can meet up again soon.

Until next time...


  1. Anything involving chocolate is always the best :)

    1. So true. I had chocolate last night and everything was much better.
      Exercise bike this morning though lol.


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