Sunday, 20 December 2015

A Sweet Lolita's Letter to Santa

Hi all,

With Christmas coming up this week I'm going to take a couple of weeks break over the new year.

Before I leave you all for a break I'd like to share with you a little Christmas poem I've written about a Sweet Lolita writing a letter to Santa.


A Sweet Lolita's Letter to Santa

Dear Santa <3, I’ve been very good.
So, I was wondering if I should
write out a Christmas list for you
just little things and only a few
well, perhaps a couple of big ones too

I may as well start with the best
Royal Chocolate is my dream dress
I’d really love it to be mine
but it sells for twice it’s price online
Just the 2011 JSK in beige would be fine

Will there be an AP chocolate pattern?
Is there some way you could make it happen?
I even reserved a shopping service
but after October I got a bit nervous
If you could do that this letter'd be worth it

I’d like some lashes from Dolly Wink
and some lash glue, while I think
Could I also get some hair clips please?
You never can have enough accessories
and some pink, red, sax, and gold tea parties

I think that's about everything
Except for cool weather this summer and spring
From Me PS I didn't even forget
to pay off all my credit card debt
so please re-release the Cats Tea Party set


Ok that's all from me for 2015! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone.

Until next time...

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