Saturday, 12 December 2015

My last purchase for 2015

Hi all,

Managing to get a Happy Pack from Baby the Stars Shine Bright was definitely the most nerve-wracking part of my week. Although I have bought a Lucky Pack before, I have never done so directly from the site and boy, was it an experience.

If you took part in the release you would already be aware of the ferocious click battle that it was. I was trying to access the site 20 minutes before hand and even then I had difficulty. I was desperately trying to access the site from the time of release and managed to get a text version and log-in. After than I couldn't get through at all, it was through the kindness of a friend that I was able to get Hello Dear Bunny's Little Enchanted Room JSK in sax and ivory. I am thinking of ways to thank my friend for the monumental favour they have done for me.

I'm going to make the Happy Pack my final purchase for 2015. My goal is not to buy anything Lolita fashion-related until I head to Japan in April 2016. Until then, I'm going to save my money and thoroughly plan the items I would like to buy when I'm there.

I am so excited about the rabbit clasp pouchette, which I plan to match up with my Alice in Wonderland print as soon as get it back from Japan. As for the dress itself, my absolute favourite part of the print is the too adorable pig popping out of the tea pot.

Do you get yourself a Happy Pack this year? Do you have a friend who has saved your frilly bacon? Let me know!

Until next time...

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