Sunday, 17 January 2016

The Unexpected Thank You Gift

Hi all...

On Friday a parcel arrived from my family in Japan. Inside was a Japanese food stash and a thank you gift for the Christmas presents I sent had over. 

The gift I never expected - Don't you just want to eat it!?

Look at this gorgeous pair of Kumya-Kuma-chan socks and choker from Baby the Stars Shine Bright! I was only expecting the food stuffs so I was so surprised when I saw them. None of the family in Japan have any interest in alternative street fashion, so for someone to specifically go to a Baby the Stars Shine Bright store to get something for me must have taken some courage. Well, as soon as I had my next day off I was putting together an outfit.

BABY the Stars Shine Bright - Kumya-Kuma-chan Socks

I was so thrilled with the socks. They're perfect for Kumya Kuma's Sweet Chocolate. I put together this outfit using my Innocent World bag and shoes, the socks I received as a gift and BtSSB's Caroline blouse in gold, which is the closest colour I have to beige.

Kumya Kuma's Sweet Chocolate in Dark Brown x Mint
Caroline Blouse in Gold
Kumya Kuma Socks
Shoes and Bag - Innocent World
A closer look at the accessories.
I got a French manicure done with blue tips on Friday. It went perfectly. 

I couldn't be happier with this outfit. I might have to take it over to Japan in April. 

BABY the Stars Shine Bright - Flower Choker

Then I paired the flower choker with Angelic Pretty's Happy Garden. I went a slightly different route this time and layered the dress with the mint Pattissier blouse from BtSSB. Pairing Angelic Pretty with a soft chiffon blouse topped with frills and lace is one of my favourite things to do at the moment, I feel it balances the starkness of the patterns and colours making it easier for me to wear. 

Angelic Pretty - Happy Garden in Pink
Baby the Stars Shine Bright - Patissier Blouse in Mint, bag, choker
Shoes - Dream V

A closer look at the accessories...
I tried a number of different ways to wear the choker, mostly as a head dress. It's really versatile and I hope to use it in many different outfits from now on. 

I am planning on selling most of my pink things sometime in the future but Happy Garden (and coincidentally the Snow Crystal Bolero, winner of worst purchase 2015) is going to be one of the few pink items I'll keep. It's easy to wear, simply designed yet so full of colour, which makes coordinating so easy.

Next time I will be putting up a special lolita-fashion-related Australia Day post. I've decided to upload it on the actual day of Australia Day. Come back on Tuesday, January 26th to see what all the fuss is about!

Until Next Time...


  1. Both those outfits are really cute and those are really sweet gifts to have received.

    1. Thanks, I was really happy with how they turned out too.
      I'm so pleased that I can use the socks and head wear in lots of outfits. I hope that I can make good use of them well into the future. Got to take care of them now.


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