Sunday, 28 May 2017

Lolita Quiz Night

A Fun Quiz Night on a Rainy Saturday Night

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending a lolita quiz night organised by Susie. The meet was incredibly well organised and a lot of fun. One of the lolitas said it really well when they said that they really enjoy the meets that are held at people's houses because they are relaxed and people really dress up because it's usually held inside. 

Susie and I
 The host and I. Cute! I went for pout but ended up in blue steel territory. 

Getting Ready

I was running around all day doing shopping and washing like an adult. When I looked at my watch, it was only an hour until the meet and I wasn't even close to ready! I hadn't even decided what I should wear, only that I wanted to use my own hair which I realised would be impossible with the limited time I had. So that went out the window. -sad face- I went with my favourite long wig from Gothic Lolita wigs. 

I recently pulled all my lolita clothes out and started to display them on a rack in my room. I'm still undecided on whether I should get a manikin or not but it's tempting! So I looked through my items and went for Kuma Kumya's Sweet Chocolate babydoll dress in dark brown and mint by Baby the Stars Shine Bright. I paired it with a very traditional mix of a cotton blouse, beige socks, chunky shoes and I used the waist bow as a head bow to create volume. It's definitely one of my favourite coordinates from this year so far. 

 Gotta love filters. 

Dress, blouse, socks - BTSSB
Wig - Gothic Lolita Wigs 
Shoes - Bodyline

At the Meet

I arrived quite late but was able to slot into a team with two good friends, Siobhan and Frances, at the beginning of the second round. The quiz had a number of different rounds and was a mix of lolita and general knowledge. Susie had a power point made up complete with a kawaii golem picture to introduce the final round ("one round to rule them all" was the title). I managed to help with some of the answers in the quiz too. -fist pump- Susie was an fantastic quiz master and kept the 15 or so people that turned up very entertained. At the end of the quiz the team that I was in won! Susie had prizes for each person in the team in gorgeous hand-decorated bags. Here are some of the prizes that we won: 


There was also a gold butterfly clip and a bracelet with a bird cage and a green ribbon on it. You can see the butterfly clip in a few of the shots here because I put it on immediately. The bracelet that I got I gave to a team member because she has a print with a bird cage on it and I don't have any green in my wardrobe. I know she'll be able to wear it a lot more often than me. It has a good home now and will get the attention it deserves. -single tear- Meanwhile I'm so happy with my stickers which I will use in scrap booking and letter writing. I also love Elizabeth from Gintama. 


Susie also organised two mini games. One was a caption the meme game, which was hilarious in its own right. The other was a "create your own ouji accessory" game. An ouji accessory is the gentleman wearing aristocrat or boy style fashion who caters to your every whim as a lolita. A concept created by Australian filmmakers, Deerstalker Pictures. 

We had some very -ahem- sexy paper dolls to decorate as we liked. The dolls were designed and drawn by the host herself which was impressive! Then we had a voting competition with all the decorated paper dolls to choose the winner of the prize. Voting consisted of sticking stickers of cats onto a post-it note beside each entry. Each part of the night was lovingly organised and lolita-appropriate.


Sexy paper dolls. I love the names though: Randy Grills, Harry Hotter and Bill McSexyface. 

In the end it was Siobhan and I who came a draw and we had to do an "ouji-off" and explain why we had the best ouji accessory. I started the ouji-off by explaining that my ouji accessory had a matching coordinate and a credit card at my disposal. Siobhan began her spiel "as you can see, my ouji is already laying down so you don't have to step in that puddle". It just continued to get better including a completely reversible outfit which was white. Needless to say, I didn't have any problem coming second after a hilarious explanation. 

This meet was "bring a plate" style. I brought along some dips and biscuits because they're easy to eat and garlic bread for something warm because it was a drizzly day. However, none of my food got touched or even taken out of the fridge because there was already so much food available! Some of it was home made and some of it was shop-bought. It was everything (apart from macarons) that a lolita would want. 

Here are some of the items:


Pizza, homemade green tea and chocolate cupcakes (which were delicious), cream puffs, brownies which had edible sparkles, an amazing lemon meringue pie, chocolate mousse cake and even vegetables sticks and dip to offset the cake. 
There was hardly enough space on the table to put everything and I had fun putting aside whatever plan I had for healthy eating for the night and simply enjoying what was on offer. 


After the quiz and mini-games had finished, we went to Susie's space where she keeps all her lolita dresses to take photos of our outfits. Firstly, take a look at this space. It's an entire room dedicated to frills and whimsy. 



 And now onto the outfits of some of the attendees. 

I was really happy with my coordinate. I was inspired by old-school ones that were simple with thick fabrics and chunky shoes. My pose was inspired by all the kuro gyaru videos I've been watching. 

Another Sarah! As sweet as all of the cakes at the meet. I love the flower crown and crown tights tying the theme together in this outfit. I also love the rhapsody wig.
You can see her lolita and black milk outfits and gemsonas on her instagram:

Classy and sweet with the matching beret, no less! This displays the power of an experienced lolita - both the dress and beret were bought separately. I love this print and the appliqué. There are a few designs with these kinds of details on them such as embroidery and I think they make the dress so unique. That's her own hair too. 
Siobhan has a tumblr blog:

A gorgeous sweet print! I love the colours on this dress and the art on the cookies. The stripes make this print so fun. 
Take a look at Angie's gorgeous water colour art:

Circus twins, Mhairi and Chelsea! Both of these are really strong circus prints. I love the border print style of each dress. The matching hats are too adorable. These two are mysterious beings and not much else is known about them. 

Karina, I love this colour on you. I am definitely part of the sash brigade. Regal themes have got to be one of my favourite themes in lolita. I also have a lot of love for buttons and tassels and this dress has both. And you know I can't get enough of berets and barrettes. 
Karina also has an instagram featuring her cosplays as well as her lolita: She's a self-confessed traffic cone enthusiast. 

Megan was a Gothic Queen. I really like how the tights tie in with the theme of the dress. I felt that the hair colour was a good choice too as it was an ashy colour like a ghost but it had enough colour in it to be able to hold its own with the deep colour of the dress.  
Check out Megan's lolita outfits, other fashion styles and some of her illustrations on her instagram:

Our host, Susie. Susie loved this outfit and so did everyone at the meet. With big frame glasses and a grey wig, she called herself a granny lolita, which everyone went along with by calling her "Gran" for the night. I thought the juxtaposition of the youthful sweet lolita outfit was great with the glasses and grey hair. I felt it worked because the dress had no print and also had a cape making it look a little "old fashioned". The coordinate was fun and looked like it was quite comfortable too. 
Check out her instagram which includes her and I squad posing from a previous meet:

Finally, here are some photos I managed to snap. I need to get better at taking lots of photos. 





Thank you!

This meet contained a lot of food, a lot of laughs and a lot of fun. I know it wasn't just me that really enjoyed it too. I want to take the time to thank Susie for going all out including moving her furniture so fifteen or so frilly butts could fit in her lounge room, organising for her gorgeous dogs to sleep over to protect our dresses, buying a whole bunch of gorgeous prizes with her hard-earned dollars, doing a huge raffle, organising a quiz, drawing sexy paper dolls and letting us use her house for what was a fantastic meet. It was a lot of work and it didn't go unnoticed by any means. Thank you so much Susie! 


Next meet is the International Lolita Day meet on the first Saturday of June. I am already thinking about what to wear! 

Until next time...


  1. This looks like such a fun meetup! I'm particularly loving the sexy ouji dolls, hilarious and so well done!

    1. It was such a lot of fun! The sexy ouji dolls were great. One of the others was purely functional and included a bald head with mirror shine finish for checking your reflection. I gave one of my votes to them.


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