Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Mini-Muffins and Turtle Teapots

International Lolita Day June 2017

First of all, thanks Kit for organising this great casual high tea meet. I had no idea this adorable cafe even existed and I had a great time. 

Outfit Rundown
Skirt, bonnet, jabot, wristcuffs : Angelic Pretty
Blouse, socks: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Headbow, necklace: Innocent World
Shoes: Bodyline
Rings: Disney and Q-pot

I wanted to go all out for International Lolita Day and after day dreaming about creating a veil, underskirt or a tea cup head dress, I realised I just hadn't given myself enough time to prepare any of it. I decided to go with my Wonder Party skirt because of the tea cup print but I didn't want to wear it the same way as I had before and felt it was too casual. So I used the bonnet and jabot from the Chess Chocolate series to make the coordinate a little more formal and added wrist cuffs with crowns on them, a crown necklace and a head bow just to give the coordinate more volume. I would have worn my brown Innocent World shoes but it was raining when I left the house (thankfully not for the whole meet) so I chose to wear Bodyline shoes.

I was really happy with this coordinate and even after the meet finished I didn't take it off for at least another hour because I felt so pumped after the meet and just really loved how it looked. It was also my first time print mixing.

The cafe was just outside of the city in a suburb called Leederville, known for its cafes and artistic places. However, rather than the main cafe strip, this place, called Piccolo's Corner, was on a little street away from the centre of the town and a short walk from the West Leederville train station.

Photo taken by Kit

The cafe was quite small but absolutely gorgeous. Kit managed to reserve a small room just for the group. It was filled with lots of pictures that created the perfect atmosphere for lolita fashion. 


A few more people than expected turned up for the meet so the room was completely full of petticoats and (I'm happy to say) pantaloons! As I pulled up a chair near the entrance of the room I felt the power of the frill positively spilling out the door and I revelled it. 


I met a few new people whom I hadn't met before. It's always nice to see new people coming into the community. We only got to talk for a little while but I hope to see you at the next community event!

It was great to look around and see the group enjoying different types of food and drink. Some people ordered savoury dishes such as ham and cheese croissants and others ordered cakes and muffins. There were quite a few people who ordered mini-muffins, which is what I did. Most were dusted with edible glitter with some kind of decoration on top. I chose a chocolate mini-muffin -it went with the coordinate- with white chocolate icing and a rose. I also ordered an English Breakfast tea and it was instantly much tastier when it came in the most charming turtle-shaped teapot that I had ever seen.


When most people went out to the garden to take outfit shots, I hung back to enjoy my tea and muffin. Here are some of the shots courtesy of Kit and Susie.

Kit is so gorgeous and naturally cute. Kit was one of the many people wearing carousel prints. 

Greta looks so gorgeous in this garden. What a lovely setting!

Carousel prints were the unexpected popular print at the meet and the garden had a perfect statue.

Karina has got elegant posing down. 

After the photo shoot in the garden, the whole group headed outside to take a group shot and more outfit shots.

Siobhan is a Lolita who is also a part-time prince. 

This chick right here has great dynamic poses. This is the "Is my ride here yet?" Susie held the quiz night meet in my last post. 

Incidental Twins - Kit and Gretta 
This is so sweet. It's like the lolita version of fusion from Dragon Ball Z. Go forth and fight cuties. 

Siobhan the Suave (that's her full title). Me making my grand entrance and even Serena in the background there. Hi!

I told you Karina had it down. 

 I think one of my favourite parts of meet-ups is walking around with everyone dressed up. Fluff flying everywhere. I had this feeling of excitement similar to when I would go to my friends' birthday parties as a child. 


We headed towards what we thought was a church but it ended up being a school. We didn't want to trespass so we made do with the brick wall outside for group shots.

All of the carousel prints!

As well as individual outfit shots. 

Me, myself and I. I tried out some poses from Milkb0x's posing 101 video. How did I do?

Frances - an actual doll. Wearing a coveted classic Puppet Circus by Angelic Pretty. 

This baby! I'm a closet foil print lover. 

More Foil Please and Thank You. Serena embodies the mysterious fortune teller in this amazing dress by Alice and the Pirates, which I totally didn't get a close-up of. 

Siobhan, Mhairi and me! Good friends who are certified veterans of the comm. Mhairi wins a prize for being the best community Mum. Crossing the road and looking at phones doesn't mix, frillies!

After spending a good hour or more on outfit shots, we headed back to the cafe. I put on some tunes (read: Kyary and Perfume all the way). It made me think I need a mini-speaker or a kawaii blue tooth boom box of some kind. When we reached the cafe again, we parted ways. 

Here are some more shots that I took.





It was great to meet new people, see lots of faces I knew and go to such a gorgeous cafe that is so calm and quiet. I've really been enjoying going to all the meets and I want to say thank you to all the group members who go out of their way to create these meets for the community.

And thanks so much to you for taking a look at the blog. 

Until next time...



  1. This looks like such a fun day! It's always good when you discover a new tearoom, especially when they serve a good variety of foods, and give you tea in such a cool teapot! ^_^

    Your coordinate is so well balanced (you pull off that bonnet so well!), and I really like that pose! I am pretty terrible at posing so should probably watch tutorials myself, haha!

    1. I'm so here for her down-to-earth video blog style.
      It's a fantastic video. I recommend it.

  2. You all looked gorgeous! I must also say that this cafe looks really charming, must be nice to visit it during the afternoon for a cup of tea.


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