Sunday, 3 August 2014

Maidens in July

In mid-July my friends and I headed to Osaka to visit Victorian Maiden. It had been really hot lately so I decided to wear the lightest and breathable piece in my wardrobe - Abandoned Night Chiffon OP from Korean indie brand Baroque.

I've been really into the false crown braid recently. It's rather quick, uses my own hair and looks really smart with most coordinates. It's definitely my recommendation for a Summer hair-style. My hair is growing quite long too so it means the plaits are nice and thick. For make-up I've been following a Misako Aoki tutorial with false top lashes but only mascara on the bottom. I think it has a nice look without being too heavy.

When I met up with the girls they were both wearing BABY the Stars Shine Bright x Disney Alice in Wonderland dress in different cuts and colour-ways. I have the Angelic Pretty x Disney Alice in Wonderland collaboration dress so I wished I'd have known!

It's the most stunning print. I'm falling more and more in love
with BABY!

The day was completely packed we went to Victorian Maiden where I finally bought the under-dress I've wanted for a year. They were having a sale so my one of my friends also bought a Rococo Bouquet OP in blue which looks stunning on her.

 Then we headed to Angelic Pretty with the most incredible time sale on. Some of the merchandise was 70% off! I wanted to buy the trump bag from the Wonder Queen series but decided against it because of it's somewhat small size and limited coordinating options.

Wonder Queen Shoulder Bag
It only really goes with my Disney x AP print :(

Victorian Maiden is like the wardrobe of a Victorian well-to-do lady.
Angelic Pretty is like putting on a pair of rose coloured glasses and stepping into the frilliest closet of your dreams.

After heading to Bikkuri Donkey for lunch (STEAK... but I had a hamburger patty) we went to Baby, where I fawned over an amazing headdress which was lacy, flowery and surprisingly gorgeous from the Rosa Mistica series. 

Then we all headed home. I swear I had sore feet for the next 3 days. We walked so much. Next time I'm going buy feet cushions for inside my shoes! I was so tired that I didn't even try on my dress, which is why I waited until today.

Ta-Da!! I'm heading out again today to Victorian Maiden with one friend who is going to wear the Rose Bouquet that she bought recently! Hopefully I can come home with a new blouse. 

Until next time...

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