Sunday, 10 August 2014

Osaka Adventures in August

Hello again!  The weather is terrible today so it's a perfect time to update the blog.

I am so happy with the way the under-dress
compliments the VM over-dress.

As I mentioned at the end of my last post I went out to Osaka again with one of the lovely friends I've made in Japan. It was a lolita Date!

This was our second date together, our first was when we went to the chocolate cafe Godiva for Easter.

Our first date in April
I love her BABY x Disney Snow White dress.

We headed to Victorian Maiden first to reserve a dress for my friend. I nearly bought the marine style skirt with the open back but decided against it at the last minute.

We then headed over to Angelic Pretty where I bought a couple of cutsews and the Romantic Rose Letter necklace that I've been eyeing off for ages. Then at the second hand shop next door I nearly gave into the BABY x Disney's Alice in Wonderland JSK in sax but decided it was a little beyond my budget after the purchase at AP.

When we went to BABY I couldn't go past some wrist cuffs that were on sale.

In the end this was the result of my mini-haul.
Clockwise from top left:
AP - Romantic Rose Letter Necklace in Red x Pink
AP - Pure Ribbon Cutsew in  Pink
AP - Airy Square Cutsew in Ivory
BTSSB - Scarlet Wrist Cuffs in Ivory
We also popped by the KERA shop and drooled over Juliette et Justine but agreed that we should wear cute prints while we are young. 

In the dying hours of the afternoon we went to a photo booth and then in the evening went to see another friend who runs a bar near Ibaraki called Precieuxse Endroit. We had a barbeque (yes, a barbeque) and ate watermelon (the summer fruit in Japan). I didn't get home until after midnight but it sure was worth it.
My friend and I both wore Rococo Bouquet
in different cuts and colours. I was so happy to
wear the under-dress I bought from VM
last time I went to Osaka.
Having a rest at Starbucks after going to AP.
I was very quick to put on the Romantic Rose Letter necklace.
I was recommended the red by my friend and I have no regrets.

Eating watermelon, taking purikura and meeting up with old and new friends at Precieuxse Endroit.

This outing probably marks my last haul until November. I've decided to take a trip to Tokyo to go to my best friend's wedding reception. I have to save, save, save. However, I do have some meets coming up, in particular a meet for international lolitas in Kyoto at the end of the month. I hope to write a post about that and perhaps one more in between.

Until next time...

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