Monday, 2 November 2015

Tea for one...

Tea for one...

Hi all... 

Whilst I was in the city I was determined to make the most of the precious little time I had to meet with my friends including my frilly ones. I went out in Lolita twice; on Friday and Sunday. I blogged about the Friday meet last week and the second I didn't take any photos of whatsoever! So this week I decided that I would dress up in the same outfit and get some photos.

I was really glad how this outfit turned out.  The mint accents on the Wonder Party skirt matched well with the mint chiffon blouse bringing a light spring air to this coordinate.
Blouse, socks, wrist cuffs: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Skirt: Angelic Pretty

However, I thought it would be a shame to only do that so I decided to throw a tea party and invite some of my friends. 

The rapturous rabbit in bodyline is Abbigale and that handsome face wearing Krad Lanrete on the right is Big Ted. 

As the weather favoured it, we had a lovely outside tea party and I went all out and used my special tea set. 

Matching tea set: A pink rabbit for sweet Abbigale and a brown rabbit for the classic Big Ted.

This tea set was made especially for me by my Granny when I was a baby. It has the most gorgeous hand-painted rabbits on it in different colours, even a yellow-green one. I often used it as a kid with my friends and we would have tea parties inside the house. Mum would fill the tea pot full of Milo - I guess I didn't have very refined tastes as a child. I hadn't used the set for well over ten years so it was really special to get it out and have a bit of fun.

I haven't had a tea party like this in ages. It was a lot of fun to catch up with old friends.
Did you have tea parties like this when you were little?

Before my guests departed we took the time to get a few selfies together.

I really had a fantastic time and it made for a great day off. Hopefully the weather stays this nice for a while as I would love to dress up again in the near future. 

Until next time...

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