Monday, 23 November 2015

Past Sarah left Present Sarah...a present - Innocent World Unboxing

Hi all...

Well, I was very organised and got myself a birthday present super early this year. Actually, I just bought a whole bunch of stuff from Innocent World and thought it would be more fun to open it for my birthday. The package arrived around the beginning of October and I've been waiting patiently until my birthday on November 22nd to open it. I've been considering buying some accessories recently and my thought process was that getting accessories from one brand would be the best way to get colours and motifs that matched. Do you order accessories from the same brand or do you mix and match? Do you only buy accessories specific to the prints you have?

Ordering and Postage

The ordering system was very easy with clear instructions in English and a cut and paste order form that was easy to do as long as you could have two windows open on the computer at once. I received an "order confirmation" email immediately. I even added an extra item to the order and it was confirmed to be added to my initial order very quickly. I waited a few days and had to email the store for the all the items and shipping price to be confirmed but it was possibly because I didn't read the instructions thoroughly enough. Definitely read instructions thoroughly! That's my big tip for ordering anything from the Internet. Other than this, I was very happy to discover insurance included with my order because I ordered over a certain amount. 


The parcel arrived in a box about a metre and a half long. It was a bit embarrassing but exciting to get something so big. There were no dents or damage on the box when it arrived, which was a huge relief. Opening the top flaps of the box, it appeared full to the brim with my order which included a lovely letter from an Innocent World staff member written on custom stationary. Upon opening the side flaps, it was revealed that one side was filled with stuffing and one side was empty, possibly squashed over the last month of storage. Everything was wrapped in bubble wrap, paper or in a box, which meant all the items arrived in perfect condition. Success!


All together I got six items:
  • Striped Ribbon Head Bow in Navy
  • Striped Ribbon Head Bow in Brown
  • Organdy Bow Clip in Beige×Gold
  • Original Crown and Playing Cards Necklace in Gold
  • Braid Ribbon Shoes in Chocolat
  • Ladder Lace Ribbon Bag in Chocolat

I was particularly excited to find that the shoe and bag colour matched. Although next time I'm going to order the shoes a size up as the shoes only just fit me. The shoes and bag are well finished with clean edges and trimmings. 

The hair accessories are also finished cleanly, the parts seem attached securely at this stage. The necklace is gorgeous but I foresee some possible tarnishing. Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase from Innocent World and I hope I will have the opportunity to purchase something from them again in future.

So, how did you like my unboxing post? What are your experiences with Innocent World? I'd be very keen to know. 

Until next time...

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