Sunday, 14 February 2016

A few funnies and a faux pas...

Hi all... 

Well, this week has been a steady 40 degrees celcius all week so with the heat and some changes at work there's not been much energy for blogging. While this week is a rather short post, I hope to post something a little more substantial in the coming weeks.

In my free time I love to trawl through brand sites and the wondrous archive that is Lolibrary. This week I want to share a few print names that tickled me pink!

The Japanese name for this is ちびねこブーケ柄リボンいっぱい ジャンパースカート(chibi-neko-buuke-gara-ribon-ippai-janpasukaato). "ちびねこ" (chibi-neko) translating to tiny cat so it's pretty easy to see how this came about.

Again the Japanese name gives a hint to the translation チャーミーキティコテコテストラップ(chaami-kithi-kote-kote-sutorappu). "コテコテ" (kote-kote) is a word meaning over the top; 鏝 (kote) using this symbol means hair-curler, flat-iron or trowel.

The above jumperskirt and bracelet are older items, 2009 and 2006 respectively, so you can imagine that there would have been less resources around to translate. Besides how are second language users to know that the words "runt" and "trowel" are not kawaii!

(Mind you, I would buy a bracelet with a little garden trowel charm on it)

There are some other items where the translation is a little stilted such as "Bless from Michael", the entire catalogue of the Queen of Snow Dresses and the ever popular "Cherish my Juicy Cherry". Nothing quite compares with the magic of Trowel Iron, however.

Smell it. Touch it. Cherish it. Cherish it!


When I saw this recent print by Baby, I checked the background for "Engrish" and was not disappointed "soverayn" "chese and chese" "evere". I had a good chuckle to myself and after a while I decided to google some of the lines to discover it was a poem! Not just any poem, but a poem written by Geoffry Chaucer in around 1380, who according to a number of sources is the father of modern English literature.

WELL, did I feel like a fool. I was schooled on English Literature by a lolita brand. It just goes to show that you can never get too ahead of yourself.

Let's hope next week offers some cooler weather.

Until next time...

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