Sunday, 21 February 2016

Tips to Stop Buying Lolita

Hi all...

I am currently planning a trip over to Japan in April, buying flights, planning transport and itinerary. I've been saving money for a number of months and now that it's getting closer I'm trying not to spend any money on Lolita fashion until April. 

There are many reasons why you might need to temporarily stop buying Lolita. Perhaps you're saving up for a holiday, like me. Or maybe you already spent all your Christmas money and maxed the credit card on Lace Market?  Stepping back from the auctions and second hand sales can be difficult if it has become a habit. So this week I'll share with you some tips I find useful to stop buying Lolita.

1. Set a goal 

If you really enjoy the fashion and you find it difficult to stop purchasing, setting yourself a goal is one of the best ways to stay motivated.  Being unsure of "buying boundaries" will make it harder to keep resisting as time goes on. In other words, saying "I'm just not going to buy anymore Lolita" is setting yourself up for temptation and disappointment. I have the trip in April to save up for and the added bonus of going somewhere that I can buy Lolita fashion. A date, a monetary amount, an event - anything can become your goal as long as you have a one. 

2. Make a plan of what your next purchase will be

Deciding what you want or need to buy next will help you with impulse purchasing. I'm thinking that I should buy a short-sleeve, white blouse next as that will have the greatest effect on my Lolita wardrobe in summer months. Knowing you want to buy a blouse or that you need to buy a new petticoat will stop you from getting that quick bargain that pops up on your social media feed.

3. Control what you look at on social media

When trying to save up, one of the worst things you can do is go and look at an auction site or eglcommsales on Live Journal with a casual attitude. You're deliberately putting yourself in a situation where it's easy to buy and encouraged. Even if you look at a sale, try to think about what would be good to buy after you achieve your goal or what might work in your current wardrobe rather than "can I afford it now" or "should I buy it now". This kind of change in browsing habits and attitude will be vital in keeping your sanity when you're not buying Lolita fashion. 

4. Replace your habit

I really enjoy the purchasing side of Lolita. Buying something new from somewhere far-away, waiting for something to arrive in the post; it definitely is one of the joys of this fashion, in my opinion. If I want to buy something when I'm on a budget however, I will try to do something else that I enjoy or is rewarding. I will wear my favourite outfit, spend more time on my make up, look at other people's outfits online. If I'm still reaching for the credit card, then I'll do something productive or even go buy something that's less expensive like some make up or take myself out for a coffee. This way I can stay positive and not feel like I'm punishing myself for trying to save money.

5. Decide Your Priorities

Deciding what is important to you will help you stay on track. If you actually write down what you want to do in order then it will be easier to follow through. Also keep in mind that buying lolita will only set you back from achieving your goals at this time.

However you approach budgeting don't forget that there are many ways to enjoy lolita outside of increasing the pieces in your wardrobe. What about trying a new make up technique or creating coordinates with your current wardrobe. Plan what gaps you have in your wardrobe or even have a look at other fashion styles to see how they coordinate their outfits. You may learn something you can incorporate yourself. 

As with many things, the trick is about remaining realistic and doing things in moderation. Good luck with your budgeting! 

Until next time...


  1. I feel you on this one!
    I am making it my priority to only buy dresses I really REALLY want rather than feel like I need every release. As you mentioned on #3, blocking out Lolita Updates on facebook, Mbok and Y!Japan definitely helps :)

    1. Oh yeah. I've found the best way to curb my spending is to limit my options. What colours will I buy? What kind of piece will I buy next?
      It's been around two months since I bought the Baby the Stars Lucky Pack and I'm happy to say I'm STILL GOIN' STRONG!
      Actually I need to start deciding on what I'm going to buy! There's another post right there.

  2. These are some really great tips! I definitely need to take more notice of tip 3, because it's very easy to find yourself in the middle of browsing sales pages/groups simply out of habit! I'm not even looking to purchase anything else until the summer so why I'm scrolling through people's sales albums is beyond me hahaha!

    1. Oh yeah, me too. Big time. I like to keep an eye on if prices are going up or down and whether there's only a little or a lot for sale. I also think it's a good way to find out what kind of prints exist too. That's why I also spoke about a change of attitude in that point. Something akin to "keeping an eye on the housing market".


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