Sunday, 28 February 2016

Lolita Fashion Book - Prologue translation

I bought this book when I was over in Japan in 2014/15 and I still open it often. It covers all the basics of the fashion and offers some great tutorials on how to do make-up and hair. Although the pictures are sufficient to glean information from, those who do not understand Japanese do not get to read things like the history of the fashion; the letter from Novara Takemoto, writer of Shimotsuma monogatari; or feel the atmosphere of the Lolita fashion-inspired writings which were written by, as I understand it, Misako Aoki herself. 

This week I will share with you one of those writings: the prologue. I translated it myself and I hope it will help you to enjoy the book even more.
The Lolita Fashion Book
Published in 2014 and edited by Misako Aoki. 


Page 3

I open my eyes, light that twinkles faint rainbow colours from the curtain.
I have long dreamed here
of a strange world so filled with the things I love.

This world is the magical spell that Lolita fashion has put on me. 
When a pink skirt ruffles lightly, the curtain rises on my story.

Here, I can be a princess.

Let us go.
To a kawaii-filled, frill and ribbon Wonderland.

Page 5

I've got to hurry. The tea party is going to start.

My closet where my favourites are all in a row.
I can't decide the one I like best  
However, time spent wondering what to wear is a wonderful gift given only to women.

When I have decided what to wear, I iron my blouse 
I don't hold back on the number of fills and ribbons I wear.
I apply girly pink to my cheeks and lips.
I'm ready. It's time to go out.

A Lolita clothed in the fashion she loves is invincible,
So I already can only think of enjoyable things, I won't think of anything but.
My spirit is lifted with each pannier I put on,
I feel so free that I could fly.

Today, the heroine is me.

Page 7

Now, the beginning of the tea party.

Macarons on cakes, doughnuts on cookies...
Many sweet, pastel-coloured jewels laid out on the table,
I feel like my idol, Marie Antoinete.
I eat as many as I like of my favourite sweets
And put on some sweet smelling tea.

When I have one bite of a sweet cake, suddenly a story blooms.
Shall we go? To the beginning of the story of a dream that lolitas speak of
Tell me more, as well, of your cute secrets.


What do you think? Did you enjoy Misako Aoki's interpretation of the Lolita world? Would you like to see more Lolita-influenced writing in general?

I hope to translate a few more passages in this book in the future in particular, the letter and history that I spoke of earlier. 

Until next time...

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