Sunday, 6 July 2014


~*First Post Wow*~

First A Little Bit About Me...

Hi, my name's Sarah. I'm an Australian in my mid-twenties and currently in Japan on a Working Holiday. I have a lot of hobbies including drawing, singing, scrap booking and lolita fashion. I really love Sailor Moon, Japanese culture and theatre. 

What I would like this blog to be...

I would like this to be a log of the things I do and places I go in Japan. Uploading photos and talking about my experiences for other people to see.

First of all some pictures of Lolita...

I've been interested in Japanese fashion for around 5 years but I only recently began purchasing lolita dresses in October 2012. Actually my first Japanese brand that I fell in love with is Liz Lisa. I quickly realised that the style didn't suit my taste, which is unfortunate because their clothes are adorable. I never thought about being a Lolita until I met someone at a party wearing a Lolita dress. I recognised the style immediately and fell in love with the beauty of the clothes and the extroverted style. 

I enjoy being able to jump out of my usual jeans and T-shirt style and wear something outrageous! I love the thematic aspect to the clothing and the artistic detail that goes into the prints and design. A huge part of the appeal is the conservative nature where bloomers and high necks are common place. I, personally, don't like short skirts and low cut tops which make me feel uncomfortable but I understand that other people wear these things and don't mind if they do. 

What I'm looking forward to at the moment...

It's Golden Week soon in Japan, which is basically a big clump of National Holidays that occur in May. I'm going to be able to get my hands on the clothes I sent over in the post including the only pair of Lolita shoes I brought over! This will mean 30% more going out in Lolita including wearing my newest item in my wardrobe *drum roll* Chess Chocolate OP in Ivory!

Hopefully I can head out with my Lolita friends in Chocolate coordinates and go to a cafe. I'm excited just thinking about it!

Until next time! 
Sarah - The Drop Bear Lolita

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