Sunday, 6 July 2014

99% fat free Haul post #1

~*The (pitiful) culmination of my 3 months in Japan*~

It's been a little over 3 months since I got to Japan and my only haul was this gorgeous lavender Ribbon logo cutsew from BTSSB.

It's the matching cutsew for the recent Usakumya-chan is a petite patissier series. It's gorgeous.

~*Last month's diet haul*~

A lack of sufficient work hours has meant I've been on a haul diet since I arrived but last month I was finally able to secure another job so when the pay check came in I have been able to get my grabby hands on a couple of things on my staple items list.

A pair of white pumps from a shoe store called Esperanza and a short umbrella from Baby, the stars shine Bright! I've wanted white shoes and an umbrella for ages!

The shoes were on sale and the relatively simple style means I could use them outside of lolita as well. Japan, surprisingly, has a lot of shoe clips, which I may utilise in future or simply make my own. 

~*What I'm looking forward to at the moment*~

In a couple of weeks time I'll be heading to Osaka to purchase this beautiful Cotton frill jumper-skirt from Victorian Maiden. I plan to match it with the Rose bouquet over dress which I've had waiting patiently in my closet (tags still attached) since I bought it over a year ago.

The Rose bouquet over-dress I have is in the pink colour way.

I finally got my clothes that I sent across from Australia including Dream Sky and extra cut-sews. In the next month I would like to dress up a lot more in lolita and also take photos! Hopefully, I will continue to get more work as the month continues so my next haul can be 100% full cream next time. 

P.S. I never did get to dress up in Chess Chocolate. I finally have my shoes though so if the weather isn't too hot then... maybe -fingers crossed-

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